Lipro is heading in the right direction!

Our profiles are now part of the Creo AFX module library in Creo 7.0.

With the new Creo 7.0 Lipro profiles and fasteners also come in the AFX profile construction module. As Dejan Flego from Lipro d.o.o. explained, inclusion has several advantages. On the one hand, they will “simplify the construction of structures and the creation of documentation in Creo” and on the other “users of Lipro profiles will also be able to use this library and to simplify and speed up the process from ordering to creating their own solutions”.

More information about the AFX module can be found on the AxWebinar.

Safety and health of employees – In the first place.

Realized project in 2020 – adjustment of workplaces!

At the company, we make sure that workplaces are safe and provide our employees with maximum comfort and well-being.
All of this is the base for the health of our employees and leads to good interpersonal relationships and successful work results.

As part of the workplace Adaptation tender, we adjusted the workplaces, that we have:

  • – reduced physical strain, forced posture and injuries in the field of safety at work in the workplace of the production worker and the warehouseman-driver,
    with the purchase of an electrically adjustable workbench, hand-held power tools and a semi-automatic wrapping machine.

  • improve ergonomic physical loads in the workplace of the clerk in the operation by purchasing an electric lifting table, footrest, screen stands and special ergonomically designed chairs.

Training employers to promote health and safety at the workplace
(e-VZD) to support organizations in the preparation of an action and financial plan and the actual adaptation of safe workplaces.