MS – Modular System

Modular system AL profiles allow quick and simple assembly of the structures. Using the anodized profiles we perform assembly and design with numerous accessories and build simple, as well as complex constructions. Welding and painting are not required.

All constructions can be easily and quickly modified and replaced profiles can be reutilised. As a part of our offer, LIPRO’s clients have access to a well-equipped cutting and assembling centre.


They differ in the purpose, the design and choice of the profiles themselves, so we can assemble a variety of profile in simple and more complex compositions.


are tailored to client’s demands. They are usually fitted with ABS worktop, light and switch. On request, we can additionally build in shelves, drawers and various fillers…


Protection Cells

Assembled from ALU profiles, are the best solution to secure a certain production process. As a filler usually is used galvanised or painted mesh. On request other fillers can be build in.